Boiler Safety and Energy conservation programme held at Nrupatunga hotel  Raichur
Raichur rice started out in the Rice milling industry with a modest initial capacity of producing 5 tons per day and is now capable of crushing paddy to 100 tons/hr with its latest state of art plants located in various locations at Raichur, Karnataka.

Raichur rice millers association was started way back in ——- year by Savitri Purushotham, Maram Thippanna, konda Krishna murthy to help the development of the rice mills, cater to the problems faced by the rice mills and communicate to government for the needs of Raichur rice mills.

With an initial member of 10 in the association is now part of 100 rice mills in a span of 20 years, but in the year ——- the Raichur rice mills felt there was a need to collect the funds from each rice miller while loading the vehicle according to tons to help the needy rice millers when they lost the rice while transmitting the goods from Raichur to respective destinations, there by funds were generated and the association was there to support the rice miller when there was theft of the vehicle thereby supporting in the monitory aspects of the suffering rice miller giving him hope of continuing the business. This modest collection is now able to establish its own building in the heart of the city giving the property to corporation bank and karur vysya bank as a rental basis, wherein future planning to build state of art and first of its kindly association building and creating the role model for all the associations.

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