heritageWith Rise in Business and More farmers covering their produce in Paddy Cultivation and expanding business from local to beyond boundaries of State with Growth and Development of Major Rice Mills, steadily their came the thought of forming the

Raichur Rice Millers Association way back in 1997 by Sri A. Papareddy, Savitri purushottam , Sri Maram thippanna , Sri Konda Krishna Murthy, Manchal Srinivas, M. R. Veeranna as a Promoters of this Pioneer Association.

A forum to address the needs of Rice Millers and Readressal of problems faced by the rice millers and convey them to respective bodies.

With initial members of 10 in the association is now part of 100 rice mills till date.

This Association adopted its own way to raise the funds to meet the unforeseen loses arising amongst Rice Millers.